Installing fonts in Linux (Ubuntu)- Part 2

First off I would like to thank everyone who has read and commented on Part 1 of this guide, and who have pointed out that there are a few issues with it when using Ubuntu 9.04+

As off V9.04 Ubuntu handles fonts a little differently so the /home/usr/.fonts method doesn't work anymore. I only Have Ubuntu 8.04 LTS so I wasn't aware of this issue.
To get fonts installed in 9.04+ you need to (((((Finish this bit at some point )))))

Other fonts available.

The methods I have shown previously are not the only way to get new fonts into Ubuntu and there are loads more hiding inside the Synaptic Package manager, for example ttf-ubuntu-title

To install Ubuntu title you could use synaptic, download of the many web sites or (at the command prompt) type sudo apt-get install ttf-ubuntu-title

If you would like to contribute or have noticed any errors please contact A Bryant.