Dragon Guidance Cards by Tassia and Lindsey Horsley.

Dragon Guidance Cards by Tassia and Lindsey Horsley.

Three of the cards created by Tassia Horlsey.

Some have commented that some of the artwork looked childish. This has caused me to get back into contact with Tassia and Lindsey Horsley for a more in-depth follow up blog post.

A little History on Tassia and her dragons.

Tassia started drawing dragons around 2009 and by the time she was 10 her art was noticed by Diana Cooper at a workshop in her home town. As more and more people got to see them, more and more Tassia was getting comments about getting them published.

A little History on the cards.

The artwork featured on the cards was drawn by Tassia and started in 2009 and after five years of hard work finished the artwork.

Lindsey Horsley, May I ask you, how did you feel when you started to channel the messages from the cards?
It was an amazing experience channelling them. I sat with these amazing huge drawings on my lap one day and suddenly had to grab pen and paper, I started to doodle and then began speed writing the messages that I received. Some are rhymes for healing our beautiful planet and clearing negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that serve us no purpose. Each card has different meanings some people tune into the pics and receive guidance from this method and some like to pull 3 cards to represent the past, the present, and the future. Each person is individual and each card they pull out will always have some significance to their own personal situation. It sows the positive seeds within the human mind to change for the better. That is the intention behind the cards and that is what they all about.

If you would like to purchase a deck or get in contact with Tassia or Lindsey, You can visit the links below.

Lindsey and Tassia Horsley

Links and places to buy the cards:

The Interview with Tassia Horsley.

Tassia's Fantasy Artistry Facebook page.

Divine Healing Hands Web Site.

Divine Healing Hands Facebook page.

A quick video on you tube of the cards.

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