Dragon Rehoming Centre interviews Draconian Sculptor Daniel Marissi

Welcome to the first in a series of interviews with Draconian Artist / Sculptors. The idea for this series came about after seeing so many talented Dragon Artists and Sculptors sharing the creations online. In this interview the Dragon Rehoming Centre interviews Draconian Sculptor Daniel Marissi.

Please note: Daniel is from Argentina and so you will see that the interview contains both English and Spanish sentences. The English will be in normal text style while the Spanish will be in Bold and Italics.


Interview with Dragon artist and sculptor Daniel Marissi

Espero que mis traducciones estén bien. Los destacaré en azul


First off, would you mind me asking you a few question for my blog and newsletter?

Primero, te importaría que te haga algunas preguntas para mi blog y mi boletín informativo?

What started your interest in dragons?

Qué comenzó a interesarte en los dragones?

Since I was a kid I liked dragons. I think I like them because they are fantastic and powerful beings.

Desde niño me gustaron los dragones. Creo que me agradan porque son seres fantasticos y poderosos.

Where do you get your inspiration?

De dónde sacas tu inspiración?

I am usually inspired by images of animals, especially reptiles, cats and snakes.

Me inspiro generalmente con imagenes de animales, especialmente reptiles, felinos y serpientes.

What is your most favourite piece?

Cuál es tu pieza favorita?

This is my favorite dragon, fire dragon

Este es mi dragon favorito, dragon de fuego

Fire Dragon by Daniel Marissi


If there is one piece that you wish you could remake, what is it and why would you remake it?

Si hay una pieza que deseas que puedas rehacer, qué es y por qué la rehaces?

The piece that I would like to remake would be zaphira, from the film Eragon. I agree with her but now I could do it much better

La pieza que me gustaria rehacer seria zaphira, de la pelicula Eragon. Estoy conforme con ella pero ahora podria hacerla mucho mejor

Zaphira sculpture by Daniel Marissi 

Who is your favourite Dragon Artist / sculptor?

Quién es tu artista / escultor favorito del dragón?

 My favorite artist is Ciruelo Cabral, who is dedicated to painting dragons.

 Mi artista favorito es Ciruelo Cabral, quien se dedica a pintar dragones.


Thank you for taking the time to answer, Do you have a web site I can link to?

 Gracias por tomarte el tiempo para responder, Tienes un sitio web al que puedo vincular?


I have another facebook account called Heartwork Crafts

 Tengo otra cuenta de facebook llamada Heartwork Artesanias


 Thanks to you

Gracias a usted


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