Help I Broke my Dragon!


Help, I Broke my Dragon!

In this article, we will show you how to repair some of the damage that occur when your precious resin dragon gets damaged.

WARNING: Working on resin may result in the release of dangerous particles into the air, please use a face mask when making repairs that require drilling and sanding.

We received our first donation of dragons in need of rehoming but some of them didn't survive transit without injury. In this blog entry I will show you how I go about repairing the damage to this dragon.

As you can see in the top image, this one received the greatest amount of damage. The brown spot on the base is where the red sphere should be and just out of shot, the crystal was broken behind his elbow. The biggest problem is the head in that it was broken in two.

The crystal fixed back in place.

As much as I would like, no matter how much you try or what glue you use (I use Gorilla super glue) a break in clear parts like this is just too hard to hide and the join will never be as strong as you would like. After carefully checking alignment of the piece with the base, I applied a thin layer of superglue and held it in place to set. You may be wondering why I didn't use accelerator to speed up the drying, that is because I don't have any.

Next on the list was the head. As you can see in the first image, the head had been broken in two.

The head glued back together.

As you can see here, I have managed to glue the head together in a way that hides most of the join. With repairs like this, using the smallest amount of glue as possible makes for the cleanest joint. I have over sharpened the image to make the joint stand out but, even then it is only visible on the gold of the horn.

The next big problem I faced came when offering the head up to the neck. 

There are several sections where fragments are missing and need filling with the biggest most visible being on the top of the head near the base of the skull fortunately, the biggest missing shard appeared caught in the base. During my examinations of this statue, I found more evidence that it has suffered a major brake before and had been repaired, wether this had been done before it was initially sold or after is a mystery I wont know unless the original owner steps forward.

Back of statue showing hole in tail.

The above image shows the hole in the tail from a previous accident or a manufacturing defect.

Damage to the clear crystal base.

This image show a Just visible is a crack where one of the clear crystals have been refixed over the year.

As far as this dragon goes, Thats all for now as I have to figure out the best way to fill the hole in the tail and re-sculpt details lost during previous accidents.


The following picture of a dragon on a book show how much another figure was repaired. This one has been repaired after having a broken neck.The tip of the rear wing was broken and repaired, but the tip of the front wing has gone completely.

This one has been repaired after having a broken neck.The tip of the rear wing was broken and repaired, but the tip of the front wing has gone completely.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.

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