Interview with Dragon Artist and Sculptor Astrid Makosla aka Dragon Makosla

Interview with Dragon Artist and Sculptor Astrid Makosla aka Dragon Makosla

In this third post in which I take the time to interview a Dragon Artist which I feel needs to be shared with other Dragon Collectors and Researchers. I chat with Dragon Sculptor Astrid Makosla aka Dragon Makosla.

First off, would you mind me asking you a few question for my blog and newsletter?
Thank you so much for your time and appreciate the chance of having this interview.

What started your interest in dragons?
Since I have knowledge I always love fantasy creatures, although I’m  also an illustrator, drawing dragons was never easy for me, it represented quite an unknown creature and not a lot of illustrations were out there to use as references to learn. 6 years ago, I started playing with polymer clay and got inspired to start making dragons by some of my friends, I used to make different kinds of pendants, skulls and odd creatures, but they wanted to see dragons in pendants, but these were quite new to me, so I started to investigate more about them (now you can find everything about dragons online). The more I practised the more people wanted them, so faster than I could know, I only made dragons.
Sculpting 12 inches dragons was a challenge, specially because I didn't know how to ship them, this made me change the wire structure and learn more about their anatomy. The first big sculpture of a dragon I made was a gift for my husband.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Currently I get it from every living colourful creature and lots of illustrators online, I love them from the movies, from the collectable toys and books.

What is your most favourite piece?
I think my favourite piece was a Drogon inspired dragon I made from the TV Show Game of Thrones.

Would you care to show a picture of your work space?

If there is one piece that you wish you could remake, what is it and why would you remake it?
I wish I could remake several of them, unfortunately I just don't have space and well, I need to sell them to pay rent :)

Who is your favourite Dragon Artist / Sculptor?
I don't know the names of all the sculptors of the Todd McFarlane Dragons, he has several working under his name and I collected most of them.

Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Do you have a web site I can link to?
Here is my Etsy store: and Facebook page: Dragon Maksla Facebook Page


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