Netherwood Collectables Part 1 - Overview.

All images are watermarked to protect them from miss use. A lot of time, money and equipment was required to produce them.

Netherwood Realm of the Dragons.


Part 1 - Overview,
Part 2 - Fire Dragons,
Part 3 - Ice Dragons,
Part 4 - Sun Dragons,
Part 5 - Moon Dragons,
Part 6 - Overall impressions.

Part 1, Overview.

The Dragon Rehoming Centre proudly bring to you a post that is only possible thanks to the generosity of Netherwood Collectables.

Netherwood Collectables.


In the previous article, we briefly showed you what they had on display at the NEC Spring fair,, In this blog post we will be opening twenty red boxes which make up the complete current Realm of Dragons figure series.

Realm of the Dragons.


The big Reveal.

Inside all of these we have this collection.

Realm of the Dragon Collection


The collection consist of four themes, these themes are

 Netherwood Realm of Dragons Fire Dragons.
Netherwood Realm of Dragons Ice Dragons.
Netherwood Realm of Dragons Sun Dragons.
Netherwood Realm of Dragons Moon Dragons.


 Each theme contains five figures, One large (centre in each image), two medium (Middle left and right) and, two small (front left and right.) In the following blog posts I will explore the individual figures in each theme.


Currently the estimated prices the we will be charging for these are below but, are subject to change dependent on supply and world exchange rates.
Small Dragons £19.99 ($29.99 USD) Introductory Price £9.99
Medium £24.99 ($35.99 USD) Introductory Price £14.99
Large £29.99 ($44.99 USD) Introductory Price £19.99

Set of Five = £120 ($169.99 USD)
UK mainland postage is £16.99
International Postage is $109.99 USD



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